Sandpit is engaged students and efficient assessments

Immerse your students in an entrepreneurial experience they'll remember long after they leave University.

What is Sandpit?

Over the last 6 years, Sandpit has taken thousands of students through entrepreneurship and innovation activities.

1. Focus student idea generation on the customer

Inspired by Steve Blank's Customer Development Manifesto, Sandpit's Idea Builder guides students through a step-by-step process to generate product, service or business ideas.

Working collaboratively, students are challenged to research customers, problem solve, identify target markets and propose ways of delivering value.

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2. Students pitch their ideas, products, services or businesses

Students create persuasive crowdfunding style pitches to present their ideas. They compete to raise Sandpit's virtual currency, called Campus Coins.

Simulating either reward or equity crowdfunding, students develop entrepreneurial awareness as they develop pitches aimed at either customers or investors.

Sandpit is a private environment and hosts video pitches, so they aren't accessible on third party websites.

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3) Students invest and give feedback on other pitches

Shifting the focus from being the entrepreneur to being the customer or investor (depending on the simulation chosen), students are given a wallet full of Campus Coins to back other pitches. In addition they feed back on the desirability and feasibility of the ideas.

The gamification provides active learning through participation and subjective experience brings abstract concepts to life.

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4. Reflect and assess

Assess students on their ideas and pitches themselves, or their reflections on the exercises.

As the virtual currency is scarce, most pitches fail to hit their funding targets providing a safe environment to learn from failure. Sandpit provides the context for these important entrepreneurial lessons to be learnt.

Sandpit provides data on student performance and participation, enabling useful reflections and speeding up your assessment process.

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Real student projects

3 brilliant examples of student projects created in Sandpit.


183% Funded





equity offered

Bond offers restaurants and bars an efficient solution that helps them in obtaining more revenue and saving personnel costs. Bond offers them a simple customizable ordering software which works on any device, such as tablets.


149% Funded






Presenting Kiraaya, an ethically driven online rental clothing store, for you to indulge in exquisite handcrafted and unique attire for every occasion at an affordable price. Stay unique, Spend Smart.

Skills X Change

216% Funded






Everyone has a skill that they could share with others. Therefore, we established Skills X Change - a platform allowing people to gain skills they want in exchange for their own while also giving them an opportunity to network. Do you want to gain a specific skill but can't afford costly courses? Here's what we offer.

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